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Easy Tips for Letting Go of Control


Do you realize that you should be letting go of control, say with your children or partner, or at work, but find it real hard to do?

If so, asking yourself these basic, but very effective, decontrol questions will make it much easier:

“How important is it?”

“What will happen if it doesn’t get done today?”

“What am I fearful of?”

“Are my fears based on reality, or mainly imagined?”

“Is this something I can really control?”

Do you have any decontrol questions or tips that work well for you?  Please share them with us.

And Remember to,

Let It Go!


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One Response to Easy Tips for Letting Go of Control

  1. Galen Pearl says:

    The first line of the serenity prayer always comes in handy! I’m so much better than I used to be. I recognize my urge to control so much faster and that makes shifting gears so much easier.

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